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Arsenal Gear – AK47 Electric Nectar Collector

Step up your concentrate game with the Arsenal Gear - AK47 Electric Nectar Collector, a powerful and efficient device designed for simplicity and precision, offering a smooth and flavorful experience with the convenience of electric operation.

Arsenal Gear – AR-15 Electric Nectar Collector

Experience powerful, precise dabbing with the Arsenal Gear - AR-15 Electric Nectar Collector, a compact device inspired by firearm design for efficient and flavorful concentrate vaporization.

Connect Keychain Electric Nectar Collector

Take your dabbing adventures anywhere with the Connect Keychain Electric Nectar Collector, the ultimate in portability and convenience, ensuring you're always ready for a quick, smooth hit on the go.

Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus Electric Nectar Collector

Elevate your dabbing with the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus Electric Nectar Collector, combining portability with high performance for efficient, flavorful hits on-the-go, enhanced by its user-friendly design and durable construction.

Lookah Seahorse X All-In-One Dabbing Kit

Experience seamless dabbing with the Lookah Seahorse X, an all-in-one kit that offers versatility and performance in a sleek, portable design for a superior concentrate to vapor experience.

Neutron Concentrate Vaporizer

Dive into potent, flavorful sessions with the Neutron Concentrate Vaporizer, designed for enthusiasts seeking a high-quality, efficient, and portable solution for their concentrate vaping needs.

Puffco Plus Portable Oil Vaporizer

Experience the ultimate in flavor and convenience with the Puffco Plus Portable Oil Vaporizer, designed for the connoisseur, offering a seamless, coil-free chamber and intuitive operation for pure, potent vapor from your favorite oils anytime, anywhere.

Puffco Proxy Vaporizer

Discover a new level of elegance and innovation with the Puffco Proxy Vaporizer, a modular device that redefines convenience and customization for a truly personalized and premium vaporizing experience.

Puffco Vision Plus Dab Pen

Dive into vibrant, flavorful sessions with the Puffco Vision Plus Dab Pen, featuring a unique color scheme, coil-free chamber for pure taste, and a convenient dab tool built into the mouthpiece for a seamless, portable concentrate experience.


Elevate your vaping experience with the STIIIZY BIIIG Advanced Kit, designed for discerning enthusiasts seeking more power, longer battery life, and a sleek design, ensuring maximum efficiency and convenience for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Wave Dual – Concentrate and Dry Herb Vaporizer by White Rhino

Discover the ultimate versatility with the Wave Dual by White Rhino, a two-in-one vaporizer designed for both concentrates and dry herb, offering seamless switching, precise temperature control, and a compact design for a personalized, high-quality vaping experience on the go.

Wulf Mods Orbit Portable Concentrate Vaporizer

Explore the heights of convenience and performance with the Wulf Mods Orbit Portable Concentrate Vaporizer, designed for enthusiasts seeking a sleek, efficient, and easy-to-use device for enjoying their favorite concentrates with pure, intense flavors on the move.

Dabbing on the go has never been easier. With a dab pen, you have everything you need to enjoy concentrates right in your pocket.

Concentrates have had a meteoric rise in the cannabis world over the past decade, but it doesn't have the friendliest barrier to entry. That is until the best dab pen was introduced. These devices are an inexpensive and portable option when it comes to using concentrates.

Allowing users to quickly load their concentrate, press a button and wait a few moments before being ready to use. No need to operate a torch or go through a tedious cleaning process.

No two dab pens are alike. Whether it's the look of the device, the shape, the size or the features it comes with. Most devices offer 3-4 custom voltages settings while some higher-end devices allow more customizability. Some devices focus on portability over power, some devices focus on power over portability. Not all dab pens are equal but at Dankcave, you will get high-quality dab pens and wax pens at affordable rates.

Dab Pen Battery: Dab pen batteries are an important part of a dab pen, as they provide the power needed to heat up the concentrate and produce vapor.

Coil Quality of Dab Pens: The material of the coil can affect the flavor and quality of the vapor produced. Some common materials include ceramic, quartz, and titanium. Ceramic and quartz are known for producing clean, flavorful vapor, while titanium is known for producing denser clouds.

Size of Dab Pens: The Best dab pens always Portable and easy to use.

Dab Pen FAQs

Which is the best Dab Pen or Wax Pen?

Ans: Dab pens and wax pens both are the same. you cannot differentiate between these two. Dab is the process where as the wax is the material which is used in the dabbing process. The only difference between these two is when it comes to vape pens.

What is a Dab pen? 

Ans: Dab pen known as wax pen. Dab pens are used to vaporizer and inhale cannabis extract. dab pen works with pure concentrates.

Do Dab Pens Smell? 

Ans: Dabs have a little amount of weed to them, but won't stink up as dry herb contained. when you work with dab, it will smell slightly, depending on the types of wax you use.