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“Ice King” Mini Magnetic Rolling Tray

Need a rolling tray for when your on-the-go? The “Ice King” rolling tray measures 8 inches x 4 inches, an

3D Magnetic Lid Rolling Tray (5 Designs)

A trippy rolling tray for a trippy time. The rolling tray uses a lenticular print on the lid to create a 3D

Afghan Hemp Bamboo Rolling Tray

This Afghan Hemp rolling tray keeps your weed station organized. It is available in a large, medium and small size

Benji “Franklin” Metal Magnetic Rolling Tray

When it comes to rolling trays that make you feel like a boss, Benji is the go-to. Everyone’s favorite money

Benji Bankroll Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray Kit

Rolling can have a lot of parts to it. The creators at Benji understand this and crafted a rolling tray

Benji Magnetic Lid Walnut Rolling Tray

Your blunts and joints deserve to be rolled in a premium rolling tray. This rolling tray by Benji is made

Blazy Susan Pre Rolled Cones – 98mm (50ct)

Blazy Susan’s pre rolled cones are Non-GMO vegan friendly and made to ensure a smooth slow burning smoke. Add some style to

Flowtray – Quicksand Fluorescent Rolling Tray

Start the fun before the smoke with Flowtray’s unique fluorescent quicksand rolling tray! The constantly moving quicksand is not just

Zig-Zag Pre-Rolled Cones – 1 1/4

Enjoy effortless rolling and a smooth smoking experience with Zig-Zag Pre-Rolled Cones - 1 1/4, perfect for those who value convenience without compromising on quality, ensuring a consistent, enjoyable session every time.

Zig-Zag Rolling Papers – King Size

Experience the classic rolling tradition with Zig-Zag Rolling Papers - King Size, offering a premium, slow-burning experience for enthusiasts who prefer a larger, more satisfying smoke with the quality and reliability of a timeless brand.

Rolling Papers stand the test of time as one of the most popular ways to enjoy your herb or tobacco. Providing not only a cost-efficient way to smoke but a fun way to smoke with friends. At the Dankcave headshop, we offer the best weed rolling papers and rolling accessories from top brands such as RAW, Zig-Zag, Bugler, Elements, Blazy Susan's, and Vibes, Afghan Hemp, and more.

Tips when Shopping Rolling Papers

Size of paper: The right-sized rolling paper provides a smooth burn and seamlessly rolls. Rolling papers are created in a wide variety of lengths and widths. The best rolling paper to choose depends on the amount of material used. Standard rolling paper sizes include single wide, 1 ¼ and king size, available at our online headshop for the single or bulk purchase.

Pre-rolled Cones or Papers? A pre-rolled cone is a cone-shaped roll equipped with a filter tip at one end. This added convenience allows users to quickly fill the cones with material and close off the end to have a consistently rolled joint with a filter every time. Pre-rolled cones options are available by most top brands.

Materials Used in Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are most commonly made from slow-burning materials such as hemp, wood pulp, and rice to help get the most out of your smoke.

Rice: Stretched rice created into thin, lightweight rolling papers, rice papers are the cleanest and most efficient rolling papers to use. Known for a nice slow burn and barely noticeable taste due to little to no extra chemicals. This you to get the most of the flavor and usage of your herb. Elements Ultra Thin rice papers are made with 100% natural earth-friendly materials, leaving almost no ash as you smoke. 

Wood Pulp: Wood pulp is the oldest and most common material used in rolling papers, considered the easiest to roll a joint with. This material is the same used in cigarette paper leading to high accessibility and low cost. The burn rate on wood pulp paper is a medium to fast burn rate. These papers are also known to have a harsher taste that some may not enjoy, while others may. Wood pulp paper is the least environmentally friendly rolling paper material. 

Hemp: Hemp paper has taken off as the new favorite material to smoke out of. With hemp paper, you have a thinner paper with a slow-medium burn. While not as slow-burning or thin as rice paper, hemp papers are known to stay lit more consistently. Hemp rolling papers are also typically unbleached and made from 100% natural hemp fibers. The taste from hemp is a middle ground between rice and wood pulp in terms of noticeability. Hemp is an ultra-sustainable crop making it one of the most eco-friendly rolling papers.

Types of Rolling Accessories

Rolling accessories are items that help people roll and smoke cigarettes, joints, or other types of smoking material. Here are some common types of rolling accessories:

Rolling papers - These are thin sheets of paper used to roll smoking material. Rolling papers are made from a variety of materials such as rice, hemp, or wood pulp.

Rolling machines - These are devices that help people roll cigarettes or joints quickly and easily. Rolling machines come in different sizes and styles, ranging from simple manual rollers to electric machines.

Filters - Filters are small tips that can be added to the end of a cigarette or joint to help prevent tobacco or smoking material from entering the smoker's mouth. Filters also help to cool down the smoke.

Grinders - These are devices that are used to break up smoking material into smaller, more manageable pieces. Grinders are typically made of metal or plastic and have multiple chambers for storing and collecting ground-up material.

Rolling trays - These are flat, often rectangular trays that are used to help people organize their smoking material and rolling accessories. Rolling trays are typically made of metal, plastic, or wood.

Lighters- These are devices used to light cigarettes or joints. Lighters come in various styles and sizes, ranging from disposable lighters to refillable ones that can last for years.

Ashtrays - These are containers used to hold cigarette or joint ash. Ashtrays come in various sizes and styles, ranging from small portable ashtrays to larger decorative ones for use in the home.