Arsenal Gear – AK47 Electric Nectar Collector

Step up your concentrate game with the Arsenal Gear – AK47 Electric Nectar Collector, a powerful and efficient device designed for simplicity and precision, offering a smooth and flavorful experience with the convenience of electric operation.



The Arsenal Gear – AK47 Electric Nectar Collector is a revolutionary device in the world of concentrate consumption, combining innovative design with ease of use. Resembling the iconic AK47 in design, this electric nectar collector is specifically engineered for those who value efficiency and style in their dabbing experience.

Operating the Device: To activate the Arsenal Gear – AK47 Electric Nectar Collector, simply click the power button, which is cleverly integrated into the scope, five times. Upon activation, the barrel of the device will blink red, signaling that it’s ready for use. Holding down the power button causes the barrel to glow in red, blue, or green, each color representing a different power setting. This feature allows you to select the desired temperature for your concentrates. The ceramic tip of the collector then heats up, preparing it for the vaporizing process.

Using the Nectar Collector: Once the ceramic tip is heated, gently touch it to your concentrates to vaporize them. The design of the dab straw ensures an efficient and direct method of consumption, allowing for optimal flavor and potency. The device boasts three power modes, enabling you to control the temperature and intensity of each hit according to your preference.

The Arsenal Gear – AK47 Electric Nectar Collector kit is comprehensive, including a silicone concentrate container for storing your materials, a metal bristle for cleaning, a dab tool for handling concentrates, and a USB cable for convenient charging. This array of accessories ensures that you have everything needed for a complete and satisfying dabbing experience.

This electric nectar collector is perfect for enthusiasts who appreciate a blend of novelty and functionality in their vaporizing tools. Its unique design, ease of use, and versatile temperature control make it a standout choice in the world of concentrate vaporization.

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