Puffco Vision Plus Dab Pen

Dive into vibrant, flavorful sessions with the Puffco Vision Plus Dab Pen, featuring a unique color scheme, coil-free chamber for pure taste, and a convenient dab tool built into the mouthpiece for a seamless, portable concentrate experience.


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The Puffco Vision Plus is a new look on the most awarded and flavorful concentrate vaporizer. Vaporizers are a discreet way to enjoy your precious concentrates at the most optimal temperatures on the go.

The Puffco Vision Plus dab pen uses a coil-less ceramic bowl to prevent overheating of concentrates and apply even heat for maximum flavor. Further enhance your experience using the 3 variable heat settingsĀ that allow users to control their consumption and power, easily swapping from light flavorful hits to thick potent clouds. A built-in sesh mode activated by double tapping the button starts a 12 second continuous heat mode that delivers a full medicated dose.

The mouthpiece of the vision plus combines a splash guard, loading tool and carb cap all into one. Extend the dart by simply pushing down on the mouthpiece and enjoy a clean loading experience.

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