Neutron Concentrate Vaporizer

Dive into potent, flavorful sessions with the Neutron Concentrate Vaporizer, designed for enthusiasts seeking a high-quality, efficient, and portable solution for their concentrate vaping needs.


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If you are looking to dab on the go, the Neutron Concentrate Vaporizer might be what you are looking for.

This sleek dab pen houses a ceramic cube atomizer for that full flavor extraction. The Neutron is powered by a variable voltage battery that offers voltages fromĀ 3.7V, 4.0V and 4.2V for your session. Choose a higher voltage for a thick cloudy smoke or a lower voltage for flavorful wisps of vapor!

The Neutron stands at a mere 4.5″ long, perfect for a stealthy vaporizer that comfortably slides in your pocket. In case your worried about durability, the Neutron is built with a steel body to protect you from an accident.

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