Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus Electric Nectar Collector

Elevate your dabbing with the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus Electric Nectar Collector, combining portability with high performance for efficient, flavorful hits on-the-go, enhanced by its user-friendly design and durable construction.



Electric nectar collectors are the easiest way to enjoy a dab. The Lookah Seahorse Plus is an electric nectar collector that can comfortably fit in your pocket and provide up to 15 quality dabs, anytime anywhere.

The Pro Plus is an upgrade from the popular original Lookah Seahorse. Not only an upgrade in looks with its sleek new design, but also in functionality. A glass coil cap magnetically covers the tip to keep it clean. As you inhale you can now see the vapor travel through the tip, through the device and as its being pulled through the mouthpiece. The most important part of a nectar collector is the tip, this is why Lookah has upgraded to a more durable porous quartz tip for the Pro Plus. If you want to try a different tip, the electric nectar collector is compatible with all 510 thread tips by Lookah.

When using the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus you have 3 modes available for voltages. Blue light indicates 3.2V, purple 3.6V, and white 4.1V. For maximizing flavor, a lower voltage is best. For large hits that are potent, a higher voltage is best. To change between these modes, press the power button twice. When you are ready to dab you have two ways of using the device. Manually holding the power button to heat up the tip or using session mode. By clicking the power button 3 times, session mode will activate, this will pre-heat the tip for 15 seconds and hold the temperature for 30 seconds while you dab.

The Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus can be used with a water pipe. A hose and adapter is included that attaches the device to a downstem. Simply place the heated quartz tip on some concentrate and inhale through the mouthpiece of the water pipe. The Lookah Bubbler is a separate accessory that can purchased and attached to the Seahorse Pro Plus, creating water filtered dabs.

This electric nectar collector is powered by a 650mAh battery that lasts approximately 10-15 dabs. When a recharge is needed, a USB type C cable will quickly get it back to full power.

Included In The Box:

Seahorse Pro Plus Electric Nectar Collector

Type 5 Seahorse Coil

Magnetic Tip Cover

Water Pipe Connection Hose

14/18mm Adapter

User Manual

USB-Type C Cable

Cleaning Brush


Battery: 650mAh

Charging: USB Type-C Cable

Compatibility: 510 Oil Cartridges

Tip Material: Quartz Tip

Voltages: 3.2v, 3.6v, 4.1v

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