Connect Keychain Electric Nectar Collector

Take your dabbing adventures anywhere with the Connect Keychain Electric Nectar Collector, the ultimate in portability and convenience, ensuring you’re always ready for a quick, smooth hit on the go.

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From an innocent key fob in your pocket to a dual-use dabbing machine with the press of a button. This electric nectar collector made by Connect is meant to disguise itself as a portable key fob when not in use.

When you want to use it, press a button and the nectar collector tip pops out, like a key! This tip is screwed on with a 510 thread, meaning you can swap out the nectar collector with a 510 threaded cartridge. And to deliver hits the way you want it, it has three temperature settings to swap from.

The Connect electric nectar collector charges via USB. A keychain loop is built-in the device to ensure that wherever there’s a dab to hit, you’re ready for it.

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