Puffco Proxy Vaporizer

Discover a new level of elegance and innovation with the Puffco Proxy Vaporizer, a modular device that redefines convenience and customization for a truly personalized and premium vaporizing experience.



The Puffco Proxy combines the elegant design of a traditional hand pipe with its 3D chamber to bring together a portable modular vaporizer. With the Puffco Proxy electric pipe you can enjoy perfectly heated puffs no matter where you’re at. A sold separately Flower Bowl attachment by Puffco lets dry herb users in on the fun as well. If you’re looking to buy a Puffco Proxy for sale, Dankcave will have yours shipped out same-day!


The 3D Puffco Proxy chamber uses an advanced heating technology to properly heat oil. The ceramic bowl within utilizes heating tracers on the side walls to provide a more complete heating distribution to your oil, rather than just the bottom. This 3D heating is more efficient, more consistent and provides the best flavor.


The glass of the Proxy is completely modular. Simply remove the base and insert it into any compatible Puffco Proxy attachments. Whether it’s the Bub, a borosilicate bubbler by Puffco that adds water filtration, or a third-party glass artists design.


Within 30 seconds, the Proxy vaporizer can heat oil and have it ready-to-go. The Puffco Proxy has 4 heat settings to choose from. These temperatures were precisely chosen by Puffco for the most optimal vapor and flavor production. The temperatures range from blue (low), green (medium), red (high) and white (peak). Lower temperatures produce the most flavor and lowest vapor production while higher temperatures produce lots of vapor and are best for big dabs.


The Puffco Proxy modular vaporizer has a USB-C connection which charges the proxy in 1.5 hours. On average the Proxy vaporizer can go through 15-heat cycles before needing a recharge. When not used, the Proxy will go into auto-sleep.

The Puffco Proxy kit comes with a carrying case that holds all your essentials,

Included In the Kit:

– Carrying Case

– Base

– Glass Pipe

– Chamber

– Charging Cable

– Loading Tool

– Dual Tool

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