Lookah Seahorse X All-In-One Dabbing Kit

Experience seamless dabbing with the Lookah Seahorse X, an all-in-one kit that offers versatility and performance in a sleek, portable design for a superior concentrate to vapor experience.



Lookah created the Seahorse X as a means for users to dab in any which way they like! It comes in a compact size with a sleek design that gives you complete control over your dabbing session. The kit comes with attachments that transform the device from a wax pen, to a cartridge pen, to an e-nail, to a nectar collector and even a vape pen.


Battery: 950mAh

Charge Type: USB-C

Charging Current: 250mA

Input Voltage: 5V

Resistance: Resistance: 0.5Ω~3.5Ω

Voltage Levels: 3.2V, 3.6V, or 4.1V


Included In The Box:

Lookah Seahorse X Vaporizer

Tip Cover

Seahorse Ceramic Tube Tip

Seahorse Quartz Tip

x2 Quartz Cup Coils

14mm Waterpipe Adapter

Glass Bubbler

Glass Mouthpiece

Connection Hose

14/18mm Adapter

x2 Stand

510 Thread Adapter

Loading Tool

User Manual

Cleaning Brush

USB Charging Cable

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