Arsenal Gear – AR-15 Electric Nectar Collector

Experience powerful, precise dabbing with the Arsenal Gear – AR-15 Electric Nectar Collector, a compact device inspired by firearm design for efficient and flavorful concentrate vaporization.

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Dab in style with Arsenal Gear’s AR-15 styled electronic nectar collector. Taking the form of the classic AR-15 gun, this nectar collector is a fun all-in-one way to dab concentrates.

Grab the grip and inhale through the stock of the gun as your concentrates smoothly vaporize from the ceramic heating coil tip and cool as they travel through the light up barrel.

This electronic nectar collector has a 500mAh battery and features 3 variable power settings to keep your wax vaporizing optimally, red indicating 3.8v, blue at 3.4v and green at 3.2v.

The Arsenal Gear AR-15 nectar collector kit also includes a silicone dab container, a dabber for manipulating your concentrates without burning yourself, a brush for cleaning and USB charger.

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