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Arsenal Gear – AK47 Electric Nectar Collector

Step up your concentrate game with the Arsenal Gear - AK47 Electric Nectar Collector, a powerful and efficient device designed for simplicity and precision, offering a smooth and flavorful experience with the convenience of electric operation.

Arsenal Gear – AR-15 Electric Nectar Collector

Experience powerful, precise dabbing with the Arsenal Gear - AR-15 Electric Nectar Collector, a compact device inspired by firearm design for efficient and flavorful concentrate vaporization.

Focus V Carta 2 Electric Dab Rig

Elevate your dabbing to the next level with the Focus V Carta 2 Electric Dab Rig, a cutting-edge device that combines precision temperature control and portability for a consistently perfect, hassle-free experience.

Focus V Carta Electronic Dab Rig – Laser Edition

Illuminate your sessions with the Focus V Carta Electronic Dab Rig - Laser Edition, blending cutting-edge technology with dazzling laser lights for a visually stunning and perfectly controlled dabbing experience.

Lookah Unicorn Portable Electric Dab Rig

Dive into a seamless dabbing adventure with the Lookah Unicorn Portable Electric Dab Rig, designed for on-the-go convenience without sacrificing quality, ensuring every hit is smooth and flavorful.

Puffco Guardian Peak Pro – Limited Edition

Elevate your dabbing experience with the Puffco Guardian Peak Pro - Limited Edition, a masterpiece of functionality and style, offering unparalleled precision, control, and a unique aesthetic for the discerning enthusiast.

Puffco Peak Electric Dab Rig

Discover the pinnacle of dabbing with the Puffco Peak Electric Dab Rig, an innovative device that offers a balance of convenience and performance, designed to unlock the true potency and flavor of your concentrates.

Puffco Peak Pro Electric Dab Rig

Experience the future of dabbing with the Puffco Peak Pro Electric Dab Rig, an advanced tool that elevates your sessions through precision temperature control, enhanced battery life, and a sleek design for the ultimate in convenience and quality.

Puffco Proxy Vaporizer

Discover a new level of elegance and innovation with the Puffco Proxy Vaporizer, a modular device that redefines convenience and customization for a truly personalized and premium vaporizing experience.

Yocan Celestial Electric Dab Rig

Embark on a cosmic journey with the Yocan Celestial Electric Dab Rig, where innovative design meets effortless usability, offering smooth, flavorful hits with the convenience of electric heating for a stellar dabbing experience.

Yocan Falcon Mini Concentrate Vaporizer

Enjoy potent, flavorful hits on the go with the Yocan Falcon Mini Concentrate Vaporizer, a compact and versatile device designed for easy, efficient concentrate use with a sleek, portable profile.

Yocan Phaser Ace Wax

Enjoy unparalleled simplicity and efficiency with the Yocan Phaser Ace Wax, a compact device designed for wax enthusiasts seeking a straightforward, powerful, and portable solution for their concentrate needs.

Discover the Future of Dabbing with Our Electric Dab Rig Collection

Elevate your dabbing experience to new heights with our cutting-edge Electric Dab Rig collection, meticulously curated for connoisseurs seeking precision, convenience, and the ultimate in flavor preservation. Our online smoke shop proudly introduces a lineup that encapsulates the technological advancements in the world of dabbing, offering a seamless and sophisticated session every time.

The Pinnacle of Performance and Ease

Electric Dab Rigs represent the forefront of innovation, eliminating the need for manual heating with torches and providing consistent temperatures for perfect hits. These rigs are designed for those who prioritize purity, flavor, and efficiency, with user-friendly interfaces that allow for precise temperature control, ensuring every concentrate is vaporized optimally.

Sleek Design Meets Smart Technology

Each electric dab rig in our collection boasts a sleek, modern design coupled with smart technology features such as Bluetooth connectivity, LED displays, and customizable settings. These rigs are not just tools for dabbing; they are statement pieces that stand at the intersection of art and technology, enhancing both the aesthetics and the experience of your dabbing ritual.

Why Choose an Electric Dab Rig?

- Consistent Temperature Control: Say goodbye to guesswork and burnt concentrates with precise temperature settings that unlock the full flavor profile of your dabs.
- Safety and Convenience: Eliminate the need for open flames and enjoy a safer, more convenient dabbing experience with battery-powered operation.
- Portability: Many models offer the convenience of portability, making it easy to enjoy your favorite concentrates anywhere, without compromising on quality.
- Long-Lasting Quality: Constructed with durability in mind, our electric dab rigs are built to last, making them a worthy investment for any enthusiast.

Our Collection

From compact, travel-friendly models to more sophisticated setups that command a presence on your table, our Electric Dab Rig collection has been carefully selected to suit a variety of preferences and lifestyles. Whether you're new to the world of concentrates or a seasoned dabber looking for an upgrade, our collection promises an unparalleled dabbing experience with every use.

Step into the future of dabbing with our Electric Dab Rig collection and experience the perfect blend of technology, design, and performance. Browse our selection today and discover the ultimate tool for enjoying your concentrates to their fullest potential.