Puffco Peak Electric Dab Rig

Discover the pinnacle of dabbing with the Puffco Peak Electric Dab Rig, an innovative device that offers a balance of convenience and performance, designed to unlock the true potency and flavor of your concentrates.

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Innovation at its finest. The Puffco Peak may not have been the first electric dab rig, but it set the standard for properly combining the complexities of dabbing into an all-in-one device. Using concentrates with the Puffco Peak is an easy, intuitive process that guarantees perfect temperature dabs.

The Puffco Peak features four temperature settings chosen for the most optimal dabs. Green is the lowest temperature, blue is the moderate temperature, and red is the highest. Lower temperatures best maximize flavor, while higher temperatures deliver powerful cloudy hits. A sesh-mode is also integrated, increasing heat and extending your session, allowing for a social dabbing experience.

Waiting 3 minutes for your dab to heat up can be annoying. With the Puffco Peak, in just 20 seconds, your concentrate is heated up and ready to go. You can repeat this process approximately 30 times before needing to charge. It takes 2 hours to charge the battery fully.

The team at Puffco wants their devices to be as intuitive as possible. This is why the Puffco Peak uses haptic feedback and an LED light band. Lights will indicate the battery life of your device and the heating cycle. Vibrations in the device will let the user know that sweet spot timing when your dab is ready to give that perfect hit.

The Puffco Peak uses a handblown borosilicate glass that is situated above a durable silicone base. A removable ceramic bowl is used for best heating and flavor output from your device. This is all packaged in a ready-to-go kit specially designed for the Puffco Peak. It keeps your device and all other essentials safe, secure and portable.

The Puffco Peak you get isn’t the end of what this device can do. You can add various accessories designed for Puffco Peak to enhance your experience. You can easily attach different intricate glass pieces and percolators. If you want to increase the device’s efficiency, a carb cap that allows terp pearls can be used.

Included In The Box:

– Puffco Peak Device

– Tether

– Carb Cap

– Cleaning Swabs

– Loading Tool

– Carrying Case

– Extra Ceramic Bowl

– Micro USB and Supercharger

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