Yocan UNI – Universal Cartridge Battery

Explore seamless compatibility with the Yocan UNI Universal Cartridge Battery, offering adjustable fittings to suit any oil cartridge, blending convenience and customization in a compact, user-friendly design for an effortless vaping experience.



If your looking for a cart battery than look no further than the Yocan UNI.

This portable dab pen battery is capable of securing any sized 510 threaded cartridge. This is due to the adjustable diameter dial that wraps around your cart, keeping it sturdy. It also has a height dial that allows you to fully conceal your cartridge. Once fully concealed, you can peer through the hole on the side of the cartridge battery to see much you’ve got left in your oil cart.

The UNI has a unique way of attaching to your cartridge to the battery. A magnetic adapter screws onto the 510 threaded cart and snaps into the battery. Easy to take out and easy to put in.

Ready to take your hit? Double click the power button and now your Yocan UNI is in preheat mode for 10 seconds. Warming up your oil for a smooth first hit.

In terms of power, the UNI isn’t lacking. With a 650mAh lithium-ion battery you will easily get a full day without needing a charge if your a heavy hitter. 1 hour is all this cartridge battery needs to fully recharge. It features three voltage settings, from low to high. Low voltage is great if your looking for flavorful wisps and high voltage if your looking for a big hit that will get you lifted real quick.

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