Crystal Glass Dab Rig with Silicone Reclaimer – 7″

Enjoy sleek design and smooth hits with the 7″ Crystal Glass Dab Rig, featuring a silicone reclaimer for easy cleaning and enhanced flavor.


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The best dab rigs come in small packages. This glass piece stands at 7″ tall and is crafted with a 5mm layer of borosilicate glass. The standard dab rig design of this piece provides a supportive base that prevents accidental tip overs.

A wavy color palette is featured on the percolator as well as the center ball piece, where your smoke is washed before being inhaled through a bent neck rimmed mouthpiece. This glass dab rig has a built-in silicone reclaimer that sits in a chamber below the banger. This is where any unused oil will gather and can be used later. Simply pull the silicone reclaimer directly out the rig.

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