Wakit RollBotz RoboKone Electric Grinder and Cone Filler

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The innovators behind the Wakit Electric Grinder have taken it a step further and released an electric grinder that has a cone filler built into it, the Rollbotz RoboKone.


Within seconds, your herb is grinded to the perfect consistency and not only filled, but packed into a cone automatically. RollBotz RoboKone is completely usable without a cone. 


Using the RollBotz RoboKone is a simple process. Once your herb and cone are inserted in the device, press the ON button and the electric grinder will do the rest of the work. The ball and chain technology will mill your herb to a consistency perfect for joints. A naturally occurring vortex effect pulls your herb into the cone and packs it. No need to do anything but remove the joint and smoke.


The whole build of the RollBotz Robokone consists of three sections that connect magnetically, no loading and assembly hassle whatsoever. When the light indicates that your electric grinder is low on charge, use the Micro-USB Type C charger that is included to quickly charge the lithium ion battery.


Included In The Box:

– RollBotz RoboKone

– Robo Poker

– Robo Brush

– Micro USB-C Charging Cable

– User Manual

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