Shredder 63mm 4-Piece Grinder with Removable Collector



Your weed deserves a nice home before being ground. A Shredder is the perfect herb grinder for that. A solid spacious build that is comfortable and has 4 stories.


Starting from the top of the lid you will notice it can be opened to reveal a mirror and a concaved area. This concaved area can be used as an ash tray or as a sealed storage! Your weed is then placed in the grinding chamber where teeth on the top and bottom will grind to the perfect consistency. The weed then falls into a collection chamber that is fully removable from the herb grinder. This makes it super easy to dump into a bowl or rolling paper. The bottom of the collection chamber is a screen that will allow any kief crystals to fall through to the kief collector. 


A scraper is included to assist with hard to reach places and clearing out the screen.

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