Urban Glass “Showstopper” Triple Tube Recycler – 16″

Elevate your sessions with the Urban Glass “Showstopper” Triple Tube Recycler – 16″, a towering marvel of design and efficiency that promises unrivaled smoothness and a visual spectacle with every use.


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This glass beauty by Urban Glass is made for dabbing (dry herb also works) aficionados that enjoy seeing the intricate process their smoke goes through before inhalation. With subtle light blue hues throughout the dab rig that don’t take away from the stunning glass design, it is sure to catch some eyes.

This recycler dab rig measures at 16″ and has a long non-detachable down stem.  As the smoke travels down the stem it is diffused through 5 tree percolations in the base. The smoke then travels through 3 different windy tubes before it is collected and recycled in the second chamber. The final destination of your smoke travels through the bent neck, preventing splash back and providing a more comfortable position for inhalation.

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