Ice Cream Cone Silicone Bong

Savor your sessions with the Ice Cream Cone Silicone Bong, combining playful design with durable functionality for a uniquely sweet and smooth smoking experience every time.



Enjoy your treat with a treat! This silicone bong in the shape of an ice cream cone is more than just cute, it’s portable and nearly indestructible. It’s inevitable to have a craving for ice cream after taking a hit out of this.


There is a reason silicone is second to glass in terms of popularity. It has a high heat resistance just like glass, but it is the complete opposite in terms of fragility. You can fold it to store in a bag, drop it from high places, run it over and it will come back to shape and work like new!

The silicone material and 6.5 inch height of this bong make it an on-the-go machine. It is easy to safely store due to being bendable and small enough for almost any compartment. The ice cream cone bong separates into three pieces which also makes storage convenient. One is being the cone base where water is filled, the second being the ice cream which has a fixed downstem diffuser and last being the mouthpiece. The bong has a 14mm female joint.

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