6mm Terp Pearls



The 6mm terp pearls by White Rhino zip around the bottom of your banger as you take a hit. These glass balls increase airflow, retain heat and scoop up any concentrate that pools in your banger.


If your wondering how to use terp pearls, just drop 1-3 pearls inside your banger before applying heat. You can experiment with how many terp pearls to use. Next, heat up your banger with the pearls inserted. Using the proper carb cap, when you take your hit the pearls will spin and effectively vaporize your concentrates.


These glass beauties measure at 6mm and are available in many colors and styles, even glow in the dark. Buy terp pearls by the 100 or single counts. Get free shipping when you spend 50$ or more.


Key Points:

  • 6mm
  • Spinning glass pearls
  • Retain heat
  • Increase airflow
  • Scoops up concentrate pooling in banger
  • Available in singles or jar of 100
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