Thicket Spaceout Ray Gun Torch Lighter



The Spaceout Ray Gun torch lighter is a blast to the past. Relive the excitement from getting one of these in a mystery box, except your unboxing it in real life! Instead of blasting zombies, blast your banger to the desired temperature and lift off.


Dabbing is best when precise temperatures are hit, this is why the Spaceout Ray Gun torch lighter has an adjustable flame intensity dial. You can quickly reduce or increase the amount of heat the torch applies. Once you find that sweet spot, use the ignition hold to keep the flame consistent without needing to hold the trigger. This flame is being blasted out of a heat-resistant stainless steel tip. Switch on the safety lock and open the kickstand when done for safe storage.



– Dial For Adjusting Flame Intensity

– Kickstand

– Ignition Hold

– Safety Lock

– Heat-Resistant Stainless Steel Tip

– Ray Gun Torch Design

– 3 Colors Available

– 15″ x 9″ x 3″ Box

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