Toker Poker Lighter Case



The Toker Poker Lighter Case is a all-in-one tool that houses multiple important features in one place! No need to carry around multiple tools when you have a Toker Poker. This lighter case is molded to perfect fit any original BIC lighter.

Toker Poker Lighter Case is a unique, all-inclusive smokers tool. Its ergonomic design gives a smoker everything they need, in the comfort of their pocket. It’s packed with many features such as a fold-in stainless steel poker, stainless steel tamper and the ability to wrap a hemp wick around the lighter case.


The stainless steel poker is great for clearing out bowls and can even help pack your joints or blunts. The poker effortlessly stashes back into the Toker Poker Lighter Case. If you need to pack a bowl, use the stainless steel tamper. Throughout the Toker Poker you will notice bending indents in the lighter case. This is for your hemp wick to wrap around and easily be lit. 

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