Maven Model K Windproof Torch Lighter



In search of a sleek and modern handheld torch lighter? The Maven Model K will be your go-to. The pistol shape of this torch lighter is the perfect ergonomic design for a torch.


Built with quality zinc alloy and a beautifully finished metal casing, the Maven Model K is a premium torch. The Maven Model K is windproof, ideal for multiple uses like camping, cooking, sculpting, recreational use, and much more. The Maven Model K has features that make it easy to use. Lock the flame by holding the ignition button, refill using the special input valve and easily adjust the flame using the dial. After use, lock the safety switch to store your Maven Model K securely.



– Adjustable Flame

– Safety Lock

– Windproof

– Single Jet Angled Flame

– Refillable Butane Tank

– Lockable Flame

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