Essential Beaker Bong – 12″

Go back to basics with the Essential Beaker Bong – 12″, offering a timeless design and flawless functionality for pure, smooth hits that elevate your smoking sessions to new heights.


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The Essential Beaker Bong is effective and simple. It stands at 12 inches tall and is etched with an elegant design on the tubing and under the base. It uses lime green accents subtly placed around the mouthpiece and ice pinch to bring it to life.

The ice pinch built into the tubing of the glass bong allows users to drop ice cubes down the tubing and be caught. As the smoke travels through the ice, it gets chilled and produces a much smoother smoke. This, in combination with the 12″ size provides chilled big hits!

The Essential Beaker bong uses a 14mm female joint. Included with the bong are a downstem diffuser and bowl.

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