Empire Glassworks – Dragon Sphere Mini Rig

Dive into mystical sessions with the Empire Glassworks – Dragon Sphere Mini Rig, where craftsmanship meets legend.


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The Dragon Sphere mini rig by Empire Glassworks is inspired by a mythical earth dragon from everyones favorite childhood show. This glass piece uses a combination of custom colors to accurately fit the theme of the show. The amber glass base has a red star and perfectly contrasts the green dragon that wraps from base the all the way up the tube of the water pipe.

This mini rig is handblown in the USA by the experts at Empire Glassworks. Using borosilicate glass, they have meticulously crafted this piece with a level of detail that is clearly evident when just looking at the dragon.


Height: 7 inches

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Heady Glass

American Made

14mm male joint

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