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The White Rhino Diffuser Beads are non-toxic plastic beads that comes in a storage and strain bag. You may be asking why buy diffuser beads? These beads break up smoke just like a percolator for smoother hits. This is especially noticeable with water pipes that do not already have a percolator. Diffuser beads are also great for keeping your glass piece clean as it will scrape up any residue that tries building up.


Using diffuser beads is simple, just pour the beads in from the top of your waterpipe before you pour the water in and your ready to go. When you take your hit you will instantly notice how much less harsh it is, as well as notice all the little smoke bubbles cooling down your hit.


White Rhino has made it super convenient to clean your diffuser beads. When done pour the beads and water back into the strainer bag, which will hold your beads and allows the water to flow out the bottom. Then just run some water over the beads in the bag to clean them up and that’s it.

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