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Arsenal Gear – AK47 Butane Torch Piezo Ignition

The Arsenal Gear – AK47 Butane Torch with Piezo Ignition is not only a highly functional tool for dabbing and

Packing Tool by White Rhino

Use the packing tool made by White Rhino to easily manipulate your concentrates without getting burned. Made of a high

Puffco Hot Knife Dab Tool

The creative minds at Puffco are constantly developing new solutions to make cannabis enthusiasts’ life easier and better. This is

Puffco Peak Carb Cap and Tether

The Puffco Peak Carb Cap and Tether is an immediately noticeable upgrade for the Puffco Peak Pro. It is designed

Quartz Banger Insert

A quartz banger insert is a cost-effective way to increase heat retention and keep your banger like new!    When

Reclaim-It by White Rhino

Retrieve your concentrates that are going to waste with the Reclaim it by White Rhino. This silicone contraption acts as

Thicket Spaceout Lightyear Torch Lighter

Blast off to above and beyond with the Spaceout Lighteryear torch by Thicket. This alien blaster shoots fiery beams that

Thicket Spaceout Ray Gun Torch Lighter

The Spaceout Ray Gun torch lighter is a blast to the past. Relive the excitement from getting one of these