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The creative minds at Yocan have elevated the game once again with the release of the Yocan Orbit vaporizer. The Yocan Orbit is the first wax pen to implement terp pearls. The two quartz pearls are located in the coil-less quartz cup, where the pearls can freely spin. As you draw from the glass mouthpiece, the quartz pearls will rapidly spin, evenly distributing heat and effectively vaporizing the hit. Apart from the effectiveness, the fascinating sight of the pearls zipping around adds to the experience of each hit.


When using the Yocan Orbit vaporizer you have three preset voltage levels to choose from, 3.4V(White), 3.7V(Blue), and 4.0V(Green). Lower voltages produce less smoke and better flavor; higher voltages produce more smoke but can taint the flavor. Pressing the power button three times will swap between these levels. These voltages have been set in accordance with the activation of the terp pearls for optimal performance. Once the voltage has been set, use the 10 second preheat function to prepare your delightful wax for use. As you take your draw, not only will the terp pearls activate, but so will the vertex airflow system, which is a small fan that cools down the vapor.

The Yocan Orbit vaporizer has a 1700mah battery built into a durable stainless steel shell. Yocan has upgraded to the more stable and fast USB-C charging for such a powerful battery.


Included in the box:

Yocan Orbit Wax Pen

Pick Tools

Type-C Charging Cable



User Manual

10x Extra Quartz Ball

4x Extra Seal Rings


Dimension: 131mm * 22mm

Material: Stainless Steel + Quartz

Battery Capacity: 1700mAh

Voltage Levels: 3.4V(White), 3.7V(Blue), 4.0V(Green)

Resistance: 0.4ohm (Quartz Balls Coil)

Charging Port: Type-C

Charging Time: Approximately 2.5 Hours

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