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Collection: Dab Accessories

Dab accessories generally refers to tools and items used in the process of dabbing, which involves heating a concentrated cannabis extract (known as "dab") on a hot surface and inhaling the resulting vapor

While you can dab with the basics, the world of dabbing is extensive and ever-expanding. It seems like every year, a new type of accessory is being created that elevates the dabbing experience.

When it comes to accessories for dabbing you have add-ons such as drop downs and keck clips which specialize in protecting your glass pieces from stress and accidents. On the other end you have accessories such as terp pearls, quartz bangers and carb caps which aid in producing the best possible hits! And there is everything in between such as silicone containers which provide a heat-resistant place to store your concentrate and dab tools for manipulating concentrate while not burning yourself.

Some common Dab accessories are as follows:

1) Dab Rigs: They are specialized water pipe and designed for dabbing. Dab rigs include ( ( usually made of quartz, titanium, or ceramic) that is heated with torch or electric elements and carb cap maintains the airflow.

2) Dab Nails: Dab nails are heating element and used to vaporizer the dab. they come in different sizes and shapes.

3) Carb Cap: These are small cover and go over the nail to trap the vapor and create a more controlled air flow.

4) Dab Torch: They are used to heat up dab nail for desired temperature.

Browse the Dankcave collection of dabbing accessories kits to jump headfirst into the world of dabbing!

Dab Accessories Holder: We can use dab accessories holder to keep your all dabbing tools at one in organized way. It can prevent loss, damage, or contaminiation of your accessories. Most importantly, you will save a lot of time to keep them seperate.

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