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    The famous innovators at C.R.E.A.M have engineered a beaker bong that was made to match the quality of top-of-the-line bongs but at an affordable price. It emphasizes performance and durability while also sporting a simple and sleek look. After a hit of this beaker, you will understand why C.R.E.A.M's motto is "Clouds Rule Everything Around Me."

    For the style of this bong, C.R.E.A.M has chosen a 15-inch beaker. This choice takes advantage of the large volume of smoke and water it can hold versus something such as a straight tube bong. This, in turn, allows for big hits that are greatly diffused through a large sum of water.

    Regarding cooling down those big hits, C.R.E.A.M has implemented a tree percolator. This percolator utilizes a chamber with six branches that the smoke will travel down through. Each of these branches have three diffuser slits, totaling 18 slits your smoke will be chilled through, not including the downstem slits. If you want to take your cooling to the next level, you can with the C.R.E.A.M bong's ice notches. These ice notches are three inward pinched glass formations right above the tree percolator that captures ice cubes and stops them from falling further. These ice cubes act as the final stage of cooling smoke must pass through before finally being inhaled.

    This glass piece uses borosilicate as its material of choice due to its high corrosion resistance; this keeps the bong clear and shining like new for a long time! Also supporting the bong lasting a long time is its thickness; with a measurement of 5mm thick at the base and 7mm thick in the tubing, it's as durable as glass gets.

    Included with every C.R.E.A.M beaker bong purchase are a branded triple slit downstem diffuser and a bong bowl with a pull handle. These perfectly attach to the bong's 14mm female joint.


    Material: Borosilicate Glass

    Height: 15"

    Base Width: 5"

    Base Thickness: 5mm

    Tubing Thickness: 7mm

    Joint: 14mm Female

    Weight: 2.5lbs

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